Covid-19 sanitizer and our good luck

Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time, others, not so much.  Almost two months ago I was in Medellin Columbia getting stem cell treatment, another story for another day.   Anyway, as I am flying back it dawned on me I am in a third world country just as this epidemic was breaking out and my family has some immune issues.  So I used my Business account and ordered Hospital Grade cleaning supplies used to kill all known bacteria's, Viruses and several other diseases.  It is very expensive but I thought worth it at the time.  Here comes the good luck part.  I accidentally ordered enough to make roughly 10,000 gallons of this highly concentrated product.  Only 4oz will make a highly concentrated gallon or two normally concentrated gallons.  To cover costs we are selling our product at thin margins in hopes we can get it all out and help thousands of people.  If you order a 4oz bottle and mix it properly with water, you will have enough to give up to eight people a 32 oz bottle.  Enough to last through this pandemic, pushing it forward our 10,000 bottles can help 80,000 people stay safe and keep our country clean and free of these diseases.  I hope my little story helps you all in your fight to stay safe and keep your family safe.  God Bless.